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Fee Schedule

Travel With Sparkle charges a professional service fee in order to perform various services required to plan and arrange your travel. Service fees are based on the time and complexity of the arrangements as well as the level of commission vendors pay to Ebony Vacations. Actual service fee amount will be quoted to client in advance of provision of services.

Service fees are per person, per booking and are non-refundable. Service fees are separate from any fees/payments paid to vendors and are paid directly and separately to Ebony Vacations by credit card or through PayPal.

Fees are due at the time the service is rendered and are not refundable. Fees are strictly for our time and expertise – we make no guarantees of results, written or implied.

This is a general guide and is subject to change depending on revisions introduced by vendors as well as the time and circumstances of the service, amendment or cancellation. These fees are non-refundable.

Research Fee: Applied toward balance of trip when booked

Independent Travel Itinerary – $25, $50, or $100
Group Travel Itinerary – $200

Arrange/research for domestic airline tickets with no hotel:
One way – $25
Round trip – $35
Two one way tickets (within the same trip) – $50

Other services:
Non-commissionable Transportation (ferries, train tickets, etc.): $10-$25
Non-commissionable Tours: $50
Non-commissionable Accommodations (apartment rentals, some hotels and B&Bs): $30
Independent Travel Itineraries: $25-$150
Non-commissionable activities/excursions: $10 – $30

Service fees may also be assessed when the commission paid by the vendor is less that 10% of the total gross amount.

Domestic ticket reissue: $25 + airline fees
International ticket reissue: $55 + airline fees
Hotel & car hire changes: $15 per amendment + applicable fees

Name changes
Change name etc. or booked travel: $25+ vendor fees

Travel Packages/Cruises: $50+ vendor fees as per booking conditions
Domestic and International tickets: $25+ Charges as per each airline’s fare rule
For groups, our maximum total fee is $250 for up to 10 guests traveling together on the same dates and itinerary.

LIMITATIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY AND DISCLOSURE. Ebony Vacations acts solely as a booking agent for disclosed principal supplier cruise lines, hotels, airlines, air charters, bus companies, ground transportation, boat purveyors or owners, and other independent contractors providing accommodations, transportation, and/or other services (“vendors(s)”), and is not the source or provider of the travel services. Each of these supplier companies is an independent entity with its own management, and is not subject to the control of Ebony Vacations. Customer is advised that the suppliers whose names appear in travel documentation are those actually responsible for providing the travel services purchased, and consents to the use of those suppliers, and understands and agrees each supplier’s Terms and Conditions are contained in printed form and are set forth on their respective websites, which govern the transaction. All bookings are accepted by Ebony Vacations as agent for the disclosed travel suppliers on your itinerary. The transportation, accommodations and other services provided by the identified sea, ground, and air operator suppliers offered are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the tickets, exchange orders or vouchers issued by them and/or their suppliers, including Terms and Conditions on their respective websites.

Clients agree to protect and indemnify Ebony Vacations, its affiliates, host agency and/or their respective suppliers and any of their officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any claims, causes of action, demands, recoveries, losses, damages, fines, penalties or other costs or expenses of any kind or nature including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees, brought by: you or on your behalf in excess of the liability described above; or by third parties as a result of your breach of these Terms and Conditions, notices or documents referenced on the Site; your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.