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Saint Barthélemy

Travel With Sparkle X Saint Barthelemy

Photo Credit: Travel With Sparkle

Located to the northwest of Guadeloupe, Saint Barthélemy is a very small island, hardly more than 25 km2. It is divided into valleys, most of which open out to the sea, and possess different natural characteristics. The island’s flora, culture and architecture are all very unique. That is why the island seems much bigger than it really is.

Saint Barts, as it is commonly known, is the perfect place for those who can appreciate natural beauty. At the wheel of a little 4×4, drive along the winding roads to explore the 22 fine, clean, white sandy beaches that surround the island, including the Baie de Saint-Jean, Anse des Flamands, Colombier, Corossol, les Salines, and Lorient. Each one is more attractive than the one before. Most of these beaches are protected from the ocean swell by a coral reef.

Saint Barts is a perfect place to try out the many water sports available to enthusiasts. Here, diving is particularly popular. With a simple tuba or oxygen cylinders, the views of the seabed around the island are spectacular. Saint-Barts has become a well-known destination for big game fishing. Catches are frequent, and sometimes reach impressive sizes. Are you ready to tackle tuna, barracuda, and blue or white marlins?

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